Give me Five - facts! | SARA LEO



Give me Five – facts!

1. I always pronounce words wrong. Like the swedish ”satsumas”. I said: ”Satsumass” but the right word is ”satsuumass”. There are seriously hundreds of words haha…. 

2. My left leg is a bit taller than my right leg =)….


That’s why I always put my body weight on the shorter leg. 

3. I love candy but I don’t prefer chips, cheese balls or stuff like that at ALL! So weird since I like fries for example. 

4. I’m such bad soccer player. Once I was about to pass the ball to a girl in front of me, the ball went BACKwards. 

5. I’ve always been doing ”my” thing. When I was a child I wore ”boy”-clothes and I’ve always made decisions that I wanted. I was shy but I didn’t think about what other people thought about me. Think I’m still a person doing what I want to do. 


That was five facts about me! Can I have some facts about YOU? Tell me in the comments!!❥  



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